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Reiseland Türkei - Deine Infocommunity!

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Zufällig bin ich auf die Seite slowtravelguide.com gestossen. Ich find sie, trotz teilweise verlinkter Werbung, sehr schön gemacht. Tolle Berichte und Futter für unsere Liste :daumen: allerdings englisch :)

Why Turkey is not a safe country to travel

Although reluctantly, we have to admit it: Turkey is not a safe country to travel. The biggest hazard is that you may never want to leave. Read all about the dangers ahead!

Risk of an overdose of turquoise
With a coastline that spans more than 8,000 kilometers (approximately 5,000 miles), there is an increased risk of ending up at the beach. And those beaches are pristine! And the water is blue. Or worse…, turquoise. Turkey has beaches in all colors of blue. Colors that seem to change every day, depending on the weather, but always blue. So, if you’re not a big fan of blue – and in particular turquoise – stay away from Turkish beaches. You will be annoyed with the crystal clear water and the paradise beaches. In fact, there are so many beaches; you will be spoiled for choice. Another risk here…, the stress of decision making! You can’t possibly try them all. 🙂

... weiterlesen und die Seite inspizieren  :click:

Ein Video https://waspic.com/nj/why-turkey-is-not-a-safe-country-to-travel?lang=en

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